Does Building an Audience Really Sell More Books?

Is building a relationship with your readers a good idea? The answer is yes, but not in the way that you might think. In this episode of Author Platform Rocket your host Jonny Andrews talks about how to segment your followers and focus on the ones who will explode your sales. Download PDF Podcast Transcription

How to 10X Your Author Business

What you need to do consistently to get results and 10x your business and why fear will only keep you from growing. Download PDF Podcast Transcription 10X is a fancy way of saying “how to grow real big.” What one of Jonny’s clients did to increase her revenue dramatically. On day ONE she hit 130

How To Sell a LOT Of Children’s Books

How to sell a bunch of children’s books in a way that bucks conventional wisdom with your host Jonny Andrews. Download PDF Podcast Transcription Why you should market to parents when selling children’s books. Decide what your theme is going to be. Screen time before bed is terrible for kids, and that’s why books are a

The Dirty Secret To Selling Your Dirty Books

How to sell erotic romance literature without hitting roadblocks in social media advertising with your host Jonny Andrews.  Download PDF Podcast Transcription Click here to watch the Live Video training in FaceBook Social media ads for erotic novels tend to get shot down if they try to run like everyone else. Facebook looks at what’s in

Are You Asking For Too Much?

Jonny Andrews discusses the role of money in the process of publishing and spreading your book´s impact. Money is an important resource in the publishing process. We need to rethink the role of money and start to use it as a tool rather than the destination.  Download PDF Podcast Transcription A key resource you need to

How to Hit 6 Figures As A Fiction Author In A Crowded Market

During this 50th episode of Author Platform Rocket, host Jonny Andrews and anonymous guest, ¨Mr. X, discuss the evolution of book marketing strategies from how it ¨used to be¨ to what it is today. The two discuss the power of conversational conversion and what it means to connect authentically with the audience. With all the

Social Media Is Dead To Authors

During this 49th episode of Author Platform Rocket, host Jonny Andrews discusses the reasons why social media is a dead source for authors to get book sales. Before you get too concerned about how harsh that may sound, listen to the ways in which he recommends that you apply his capture, connect, and convert techniques