Client Case Study: $18K Sale “Side Hustle” & 93.1% Off Our Most Effective Service

In this post I’m going to break down a pretty powerful example of how your mindset can work as a barrier or a super highway to your own success & income. Right after that I’m going to break down an offer for you to get 93.1% off the most effective service we have ever used for our clients.

How To Grow A Lucrative “Side Hustle”

For most authors, including folks who work a job but still need to make ends meet or just want cool stuff, developing a “side hustle” is often required.

If you haven’t heard of one of these, a “side hustle” is simply something you do outside of your normal income gig/job to earn extra money.

For example: Lots of authors will sell services like formatting, graphic design, various editing services or even create “how to” courses and sell advice on topics like character development or plotting.

Sometimes, if you’re working a job, you’ll pick up extra small gigs helping others out using the skills you’re good at.

Our project manager, a very successful author who already earns a healthy 6 figures per year from her books, brings in extra money customizing cutting boards, wine glasses & tumblers with a laser printer she and her husband grabbed a few years ago.

My wife, even though she has a very well paid corporate career, still has a hustle setting up charcuterie/grazing boards for parties. She does it because it lets her earn some great extra income while also expressing herself creatively.

All that lead up to make the point: side hustles are pretty normal things these days.

But what happens when said “side hustle” becomes something much, much more?

In situations like that things can get really, really interesting.

And that’s exactly what we’ve been doing with our agency clients.

$18K Sale Side Hustle Case Study: Cynthia & Her Editing Business

I first met Cynthia when we re-opened our business development coaching/consulting program a few months ago. She was one of the authors who checked out the video & then booked a time to chat.

Those initial calls are always about seeing if there’s even something we can help with.

They always start by first figuring out a few core basics: What is the person doing? How are their books going? What do they want to accomplish and can we even help them.

On the call it was obvious her books were doing fine and we could help boost her ads effectiveness. And all that was great but it wasn’t until she brought up her editing side hustle that my ears perked up.

For the past little while she had been able to work with a small handful of clients each month, helping them really overhaul their books and make them not just great but stunning.

And the money she was earning from helping people was fantastic. She was often able to pull in $7K – $10K/month from these!

There was just one problem: Because the work required so much attention to detail she wasn’t able to bring on any more! She was literally tapped out! She had no way to grow past where she was!

This is where we come to the moment everyone hopes for when they hire a business development coach. The moment when the “extra set of eyes with experience” you hired sees the potential hiding just out of site.

What we were able to discover was the HUGE mix between her prices, her services & the fact editing is such a massive in-demand industrsy.

Within the first 45 min of the call we had mapped out a plan that allowed her to reasonably increase her prices, offload 80% of the work, pay MORE than anything an editor would make anywhere else AND still offer the client top rated services at highly competitive prices.

By the next team call we had with her she had already brought on 3, high paying clients including one who was worth over $18K in business.

Within the first 5 min of that second call we showed her where another massive revenue stream was hiding. It had at first looked like one of those clients who wasn’t quite ready yet. Until we got her mindset shifted & she could see this was the perfect opportunity for thousands of dollars in developmental clients.

This is the power of working with a business coach who not only has experience in these things but also is able to modify those models for YOU & YOUR ideal outcomes.

At the end of the day Cynthia now has a “side hustle” that’s:

  • Already making high end sales, now consistently…
  • Will continue to grow & prosper as she moves forward….
  • Reduces the time she has to “work” & frees her up to keep expanding…
  • Will potentially add multiple 6 figures to her income over the next 12-18 months

All this while keeping her working ON not IN her her side hustle. This means she has the freedom to continue to focus on what she loves to do most while the money keeps flowing in. (and growing)

And this is just case study #1. I’ll be following up with lots more 😉

Is this the sort of outcome you might like to see in your business as well?

If you would like help selling more books and/or dramatically increasing the profits of your side hustle I’d like to offer you 98.1% off our most profit producing service for our clients.

(In the next few minutes I’ll break down what this is, what it can do for you, why I’m offering something of such value at such a discount and how you an take advantage of this super limited time offer)

What Is This Program?

I’m offering the program that has helped the most authors & entrepreneurs increase their earnings the fastest is our Profitable Author Coaching Program.

This is a fully immersive program that helps take you from where you are right now, looks at where you want to go & then not only maps out how to get there based on YOUR situation at the time but also holds your hand all the way to the goal & beyond.

What It Can Do For You:

Having a 2nd set of eyes on your business can be absolutely life changing. Having someone who has not only been there & done that but also helped many others accomplish their goals in record time can shave thousands of dollars and years off your process.

If you’re a fan of making more money faster, often times with far less effort, you’ll want to jump in and do this.

Why I’m Offering This At Such A Discount:

As you’ve probably gathered by now, I’m a marketing guy. And as such it’s very much in my DNA to test different ideas, platforms & processes to see what’s going to make an impact on both my business as well as those of my clients.

And it’s because of that drive to test & discover that I’m making this offer to you.

A Brief Background: I’ve been using the freelancer site known as Upwork now since roughly 2008 when it was known as Odesk. I’ve hired MANY people for a HUGE host of jobs & been, for the most part, very pleased with it.

However, until only a few days ago I never really considered using it as lead gen for my own consulting agency. Until I had a chat with one of my mentors (yes, we all have them because they are THAT vital of a game changer!)

It’s because of this chat that I would like to test out the platform as a means of generating new business. HOWEVER… one of the most needle moving elements there are the reviews. As I have not spent any time there I have none.

So Here Is My 93.1% Off, Business Transforming Offer To You:

I would like to offer you a full hour of 1 on 1 business coaching, which normally costs $2,100, for only $149.

During this call I’ll work directly with you to discover opportunities you can take advantage of right away to increase profits, sell more books & dramatically grow your business in ways you may never have thought of.

Is there a catch? Not really.

I only need you to do 1 thing in return: Leave a review on Upwork about the service.

There are UP TO 20 (now 18) spots for this opportunity 2 weeks. (14 days to crunch in your booking) IF you would like to save 93.1% on coaching that could radically transform your business.

How To Get Your Discount:

1: If you haven’t already, go to Upwork & set up a Client account (not a freelancer)
2: Make sure you verify your account (When I started it was like $5 to prove you are actually real. It may be different now)
3: Create a job for Business Consulting/Marketing Advice
4: Invite me to it
5: I’ll then accept & you’ll approve me
6: Hire me for the quote I provide of $149
7: Book your 1 on 1 call sometime with 3-5 days of booking (once hired I’ll send you a scheduling link)
8: We will have said call & I’ll provide you with an action plan you can start to use immediately to grow your business that’s fully tailored to YOU
9: Once we’re done, leave a review on Upwork

That’s it!

Recap: If you’ve always wanted to dive into our profitable author coaching program but have been on the fence… here’s your chance to test the waters for 93.1% off!

I’ll keep this offer open only for a short time.

Any questions? Just reply to the email you received about this or message the team at

Looking forward to working with you!

Jonny (AKA Andrew)