Case Study: Profitable Book Launches & How To Make A $200K “Side Hustle” Profit Monster

Note: This is the 2nd part of the Profitable Author Case Study Breakdown. If you missed it you can read part 1 here >>

As I’m typing this I have literally JUST gotten off a coaching call (see the get 93.1% off our most profit producing service for clients below) where I broke down how this author could dramatically increase her launch profits.

The way the call was set up was FIRST we dove into how to make her books more profitable and SECOND we dug into what at first looked like a tiny little side gig she had going…

Now before I jump into the dirty details let me first point out what most authors are doing & why, even doing just a little bit of what I mention, can have a massive impact on your bottom line.

Most authors who come to us are doing pretty well at least at some level. While not all of them are heavy hitting NYT/USAT who are able to spend $10k/week on FaceBook, most are at least moving units (sales and/or reads) and are putting out new titles on a really nice schedule. (Not always 1 per month but at least 4x per year).

Really. We work with every level of author you can imagine. Those earning $1k/month & want to shorten the road to success all the way to those doing multiple 6 figures+ who want to see have someone else run the business end while they write.

For just about 99% of authors we work with the writing & publishing of books is NOT the problem. Seriously. Our clients are wonderful authors and should be freakishly proud of the work they’ve put in to hone their craft.

The problem is because they are often so focused on writing they FORGET to market their books! (or at least aren’t doing it to the extent they should)

See if any of these situations sounds familiar:

#1: You come out of your “cave” with a stunning new title all wrapped up in a cover that would make the angles weep and… SHIT! I forgot to buy ads for this and it’s going live in 5 days!

#2: Another other way we see it play out is when someone is too conservative with their ads. That looks like “I spend $1K/month on ads and earn $5K”.

The question we often ask is “so what if you spend $2k?” Would you make more? Have you tried it? And what do your earnings look like after 90 days?

More often than not the question surprises them and they haven’t tried it and/or tracked ROAS (return on ad spend) past the initial dates they were spending it.

#3: And yet another way this plays out is when an author doesn’t have an effective, repeatable action plan for launching their new titles.

This often shows up as a mad scramble to book email lists, schedule swaps, set up ads & run some social posts between editing, uploading & remembering to send a newsletter.

Here’s How To Fix All This AND Have A Chilled Out Yet Profitable Book Launch… EVERY TIME

Everything starts with a simple fact: If you have a written plan & simply follow it every time A LOT of cool things can happen.

By “cool things” I’m talking about making more money.

The other element of this very much flows into another major point of our strategy call and that is: If YOU don’t have time to do it pay someone to get it done!

To keep this post manageable I’ll breakdown both a SOP for a launch AND how to have someone do it for you.

Step 1: Determine what marketing activities move the needle for you

Step 2: Create easy SOP’s around those things

Step 3: Do the bare minimum each day

Step 4: Earn more money!

Step 5: Do it EVERY TIME!

For just about everyone the list is the same:

  • Your own house email list (let them know the book is out & they can buy it)
  • Newsletter swaps with other authors (during launch week)
  • Opening your launch at a slightly lower price than you normally sell your books
  • Pushing with FaceBook Ads
  • Letting your fan groups know they can get the book
  • Buying email ad space on 3rd party, genre spicific websites (Like Romance Devoured or I Love Vampire Novels)
  • Pushing with AMS ads
  • Letting everyone know on your social media platforms…

But here’s the kicker: even though EVERYONE knows that putting all this stuff, even just a little, into your launch will help you sell WAY more books… very few authors find the time to actually do it all!

This is why it’s so important to create either a SOP (standard operating procedure) OR work with someone who already knows how to do this, can do it better than the average bear & can bring even more tricks to the table.

Example: Like setting up a presale page (NOT sending to Amazon) that will build not only your email list but also your SMS list, social following & boost launch week sales past what you’e ever seen before.

But at the very minimum: run that list up there every time you put out a book. It will blow your mind how how much better your book releases go. (And yes, this is for KU and Wide authors equally)

And that’s what we did on the 1st half of the call. I broke down exactly what she needed to to ON TOP of the list above to really blow her books up the bestseller lists during launch week.

Because then, as they slowly slide down the post launch rankings, (as pretty much all books do) they will passively earn FAR more profits than they would have doing only partial measures.

But Wait! What About That $200K Profit Monster? How Does That Fit Into Your Call?

When we were chatting in Upwork yesterday she had made a tiny little comment about how she was doing VA/Social & BookBub marketing for an author who was a really big name.

Then, on the call today she just passively dropped a few major bombshells. (Without even knowing it!)

You know, stuff like how she was able to track that her efforts took this author (using no marketing other than BookBub) from $66K/year to $88K/year in the first 12 months and then in the second took her from $88K to $112K in the 2nd year.


And on top of that she’s been managing all her social and all her newsletter content!

That’s a pretty epic service!

And the biggest part of the whole thing was that her entire philosophy was “If I can’t provide the evidence I’m making you money, you should fire me!”

Clearly I asked her the most obvious question: Why aren’t you building a business around this?

Her answer was exactly what I thought it was going to be: Because if I take on any more clients it’ll take away from my writing time.

Do you see the mindset problem?

Who said SHE had to do all the work?

What if she took a few hours and documented her process for each service she performed for her client?

Then what it she took that documentation & trained someone how to do it for her?

Then what if she, rather than spending hours doing the work, checked the work of the other person until they were performing at rock star level? Hint: this is why you also create KPI’s with your SOP’s (meaning key performance indicators tell you exactly how long a task should take as well as what outcome should happen when a task is performed)

Then what if she brought on 10 more clients? (As we figured based on work load each person could take up to 15 total clients before being saturated.)

Here’s the real kicker: She had to recently turn down 12 (TWELVE) clients who were waiting, begging for her services because she didn’t have the right mindset or strategy.

Now she does.

Based on her past successes does it seem slightly possible those 12 might ALL jump at the chance to work with her if she were to reach out?

Did you know that with a model like this it only takes 34-36 retained clients to hit $200K/year in revenue?

If this was you how fast would you hammer out some simple SOP’s so you could take on 12 new clients?

At the end of that call she came away with an exact, step by step plan for more effectively launching her titles AND a step by step plan for very quickly.

Would YOU like me to help you at this level also?

This is by far our most effective service for authors. The personalized business coaching has helped our top clients dramatically increase book sales/page reads/platform responsiveness, launch sales, back catalog sales & a ton more.

Beyond that we’ve helped many build highly lucrative “side hustle” businesses that are able to generate multiple 6 figures and beyond.

The issue is that we normally charge $2,100 for this service which puts it out of reach of most authors. Until now. For the next few days you can set up this exact call for only $149.

Why I’m Offering This At Such A Discount:

As you’ve probably gathered by now, I’m a marketing guy. And as such it’s very much in my DNA to test different ideas, platforms & processes to see what’s going to make an impact on both my business as well as those of my clients.

And it’s because of that drive to test & discover that I’m making this offer to you.

A Brief Background: I’ve been using the freelancer site known as Upwork now since roughly 2008 when it was known as Odesk. I’ve hired MANY people for a HUGE host of jobs & been, for the most part, very pleased with it.

However, until only a few days ago I never really considered using it as lead gen for my own consulting agency. Until I had a chat with one of my mentors (yes, we all have them because they are THAT vital of a game changer!)

It’s because of this chat that I would like to test out the platform as a means of generating new business. HOWEVER… one of the most needle moving elements there are the reviews. As I have not spent any time there I have none.

So Here Is My 93.1% Off, Business Transforming Offer To You:

I would like to offer you a full hour of 1 on 1 business coaching, which normally costs $2,100, for only $149.

During this call I’ll work directly with you to discover opportunities you can take advantage of right away to increase profits, sell more books & dramatically grow your business in ways you may never have thought of.

Is there a catch? Not really.

I only need you to do 1 thing in return: Leave a review on Upwork about the service.

There are UP TO 20 (now 13) spots for this opportunity over the next 2 weeks. (then please book your call within 1-5 days max) IF you would like to save 93.1% on coaching that could radically transform your business just do the following

How To Get Your Discount:

1: If you haven’t already, go to Upwork & set up a Client account (not a freelancer)
2: Make sure you verify your account (When I started it was like $5 to prove you are actually real. It may be different now)
3: Create a job for Business Consulting/Marketing Advice
4: Invite me to it
5: I’ll then accept & you’ll approve me
6: Hire me for the quote I provide of $149
7: Book your 1 on 1 call sometime with in the next 1-5 days (once hired I’ll send you a scheduling link as well as a fast list of questions.)
8: We will have said call & I’ll provide you with an action plan you can start to use immediately to grow your business that’s fully tailored to YOU
9: Once we’re done, leave a review on Upwork

That’s it!

Recap: If you’ve always wanted to dive into our profitable author coaching program but have been on the fence… here’s your chance to test the waters for 93.1% off!

I’ll keep this offer open at this discount for only a little while longer.

Any questions? Just reply to the email you received about this or message the team at

Looking forward to working with you!

Jonny (AKA Andrew)