3 Simple Steps To Becoming A (More) Profitable Author (Part 3)

If you missed the other 2 parts of this you’ll want to read them BEFORE you read this! You can find part 1 here and part 2 here

STEP 3: What comes AFTER the ad… (AKA show me the money!)

Let’s recap really fast so this next section is crystal clear: In this example our primary goal is to stand out from all the noise so we can stay front of mind with our target readers.

By doing this we are hoping we will become familiar so they are more likely to make a purchase/download for a read.

In order for that to happen we need 2 things:

  • We need to prove to them we are who they want to read by simply letting them read without any push to subscribe or buy (at first)
  • We need to be able to stay on top of them beyond the initial ad

It’s in the 2nd part where the magic happens.

So now they have read the story you posted in a few parts and they like it. Have they clicked through to buy your book?

Maybe, maybe not. But what we CAN do is now stay in front of them for a few days with an offer to buy/download. Simply create a pixel audience of those who have landed on page 2 and/or 3 of your short/teaser & run an ad for $1/day to ONLY that audience!

Doing this can dramatically increase your sales/reads as you spend the bulk of your ad dollars pushing free reads on your site and then following up with a retargeting ad of those who consume your content.

Killer Tip: Yes, you can even mod this technique to lead to more subscribers by changing the “buy/read free with ku” call to action with “subscribe for more free stuff you know you love”. Both work perfectly well at this stage.

The Bottom Line: I’m guessing by now you can see why this technique is able to produce such huge results for authors. One major reason is because it takes a bit of work to accomplish and the other is because almost nobody (at this time) knows about this full strategy.

There is no “easy button” for this business. Everything is hard work, takes time, investment & dedication. I wish I could tell you otherwise.

But the GOOD NEWS is there are highly effective, highly ethical ways of making your marketing efforts not only more profitable, but also more cool!

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