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How To Sell a LOT Of Children’s Books

How to sell a bunch of children’s books in a way that bucks conventional wisdom with your host Jonny Andrews. Download PDF Podcast Transcription Why you should market to parents when selling children’s books. Decide what your theme is going to be. Screen time before bed is terrible for kids, and that’s why books are a

The Dirty Secret To Selling Your Dirty Books

How to sell erotic romance literature without hitting roadblocks in social media advertising with your host Jonny Andrews.  Download PDF Podcast Transcription Click here to watch the Live Video training in FaceBook Social media ads for erotic novels tend to get shot down if they try to run like everyone else. Facebook looks at what’s in

Happy GDPR Day! Here Are Some Useful Tools

During this 37th episode of Author Platform Rocket, Jonny Andrews discussions the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and how regulations effect how entrepreneurs should pivot and shift in their practices. Learn about Truth in Lending and the importance of private policies. Download PDF Podcast Transcription  Around 2009-2010 there was a shake up by the Federal Trade

How Authors Make Money With Amazon Ads – An Interview With Our In House Expert

Click the Green Arrow To Play >> Using the in house Amazon ad platform can really pay off.  That is IF you select the right ad style, the appropriate keywords, prepare short, punchy copy and have a suitable ad budget. In today’s episode, we bring in Brenda Trim, APR’s very own in house project manager

How To Know When To Quit

Quitting often carries negative connotations baked into us at birth from our teachers, parents, friends and society at large; however, in this episode Jonny challenges the stigma of just letting something go. For authors, it’s easy to become attached to our writing for the sole reason that it’s an extension of us. But what happens

Setting Up Effective, Long Term Author Marketing Strategies

A huge and very common issue with authors is trying to run a coherent marketing plan while also trying to put out new content. The end result often looks like sales slumps & ineffective promotions that seem to go nowhere and just cost money.  In today’s episode we discusses how to set-up a consistent, evergreen