Be Our Guest?

Thanks so much for your interest in being a guest on the Author Platform Rocket Podcast, the show for authors dedicated to kicking butt publishing great books.  The 1st step in getting on the show is to actually read this page.  The 2nd step is to follow the instructions to the letter.  We know it’s cool to reach out to shows and be a guest (hey, we do it too!) but let’s keep in mind everything here is about communication going both directions.

About Our Audience:

The show started with a hyper responsive audience of over 15K authors and keeps growing rapidly.  At the high end, our listing authors can spend upwards of $3,000+ per day on marketing & platform building inside of FaceBook/AMS and can earn well over $100K/month self publishing.  This group is market savvy and knows how to advertise, track data and flow with their audience.

On the other end they are about ready to publish their first book and are looking for a way through an overwhelming maze of too much information.

In the middle majority we have those who are deep down the path, have 4+ books out, earning income and working on replacing their day job with book sales.  They and are actively spending money on platform growth & direct to sales campaigns.  Most at this stage are seeking information on automating communication without losing the human touch which they value deeply.

Almost 100% of our subscribers & listeners work their butts off creating amazing novels in fiction and nonfiction and are actively spending money on their author business.  They are always willing to spend more when they see a healthy ROI and a positive effect.  Meaning: show up with the goods and you might just hook a loyal customer for life.

They are looking for solutions to their problems surrounding time management, effective marketing strategy, audience engagement & many topics in the area of mindset, automation & increasing the bottom line.

Technical Requirements:

  • Guests should have reliable high speed internet with a quality mic or headset.  If you are using a stand alone mic we require you also use headphones to eliminate the echo.
  • You can record on your end if you like but we will be recording on our end.
  • Final show edit will be cut down to be as close to 20 minutes as possible

What Is Your Story?

  • What’s your story?  Who are you and how did you get to this point in your life?  Many of our listeners, even the highly successful ones, struggle daily with feelings of failure and inadequacy.  It motivates them to know they are not alone and that to struggle is simply part of the journey to success.
  • Our listeners don’t just want to be pitched.  Please make sure you have 3-5 highly actionable tips working authors can use to better their situation right away.
  • Please also have a simple, straight forward call to action for the end of the show so that those who want to learn more about you can find you easily.

Other Requirements:

  • Please locate yourself in a quiet room for the duration of the recording. Because we keep our production fast and tight we won’t be able to edit out a lot of background noise or voices.
  • Be ready to have fun.  The host can ask some pretty crazy questions so be ready for anything!
  • When we call you be prepared to chat for a few minutes to get warmed up and acquainted.
  • Make sure to reserve a full hour for the call.  While roughly 20 minutes will make it in we may have you reword an answer to a question to help maximize the quality of delivery for our audience.
  • If we have you on make sure you promote the show to your audience when it goes live on all social media platforms as well as to your email subscribers.

How To Pitch Us On YOU:

If you read all that and still feel like getting in front of a bunch of hard-working authors then shoot an email to show(at)authorplatform(dot)com with the subject line “Dude.  I’d like to be a guest”.   Please have your pitch letter be no more than 2-3, short paragraphs and in the 1st line use the phrase “3 fat cats ran fast because they could.”

Your pitch letter should not be an attachment but rather the actual email.  Tell us how YOU can help OUR listeners.  What do you know that will benefit them?  You should also include 1 or 2 examples of other shows you’ve been on and/or examples of you giving presentations so we can hear how you sound.  Let us know in just a few words and numbers how large your audience & reach are.  Link to your FB business page, Twitter profile and website along with any relevant links to your Amazon author profile if you’re one of those “writer” types.

That’s it!  Once we receive your message and as long as it follows these totally weird but hyper important guidelines we will reach out to schedule a time to chatter!

Looking forward to working with you!

The APR Team & Jonny Andrews