Writing As Healing & Finding Your Inner Warrior

In this 46th episode of Author Platform Rocket, host Jonny Andrews interviews Michelle Bellon, author of eight published books, including “Breathe In.” She shares the heart-breaking story of real life abuse that she has lived through and has been the inspiration for her writing.  Download PDF Podcast Transcription

  • Expressing art can be cathartic.
  • “Breathe In” is a book that came from Michelle’s rage.
  • Michelle is a mother of four and a director of nursing.
  • She was in an emotionally abusive marriage for 16 years after a night of violence.
  • The main character in “Breathe In” survives a traumatic kidnapping.
  • Michelle faced horrible manipulation in her marriage and had low self-esteem.
  • Her child have faced their own trauma but have turned it around.
  • She developed gratitude and became conscience of her own “inner warrior.”
  • Download PDF Podcast Transcription

3 Key Points:

  1.  Expressing art can be healing.
  2. Abuse can take over your identity and replace it with the negativity you are being told.
  3. Sometimes the things you are doing now don’t pay off until much later.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “We use our art form, our medium, as a means to get out certain thoughts, feeling, emotions—and it can be quite healing.“ – Michelle Bellon.
  • “I wrote “Breathe In” because I had a lot of rage to be very honest.“ – Michelle Bellon.
  • (Referring to Abusive Manipulation) “Your internal dialogue becomes what they’ve been telling you.“– Michelle Bellon.

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