What To Need To Know BEFORE You Publish

During this episode of Author Platform Rocket, Jonny Andrews discussions the crucial steps that need to be taken prior to publishing or self-publishing a book in both the fiction and non-fiction arenas. Jonny provides the cold and honest truths that many first-time authors may feel afraid to hear – but should take heed to in order to take the strongest steps forward to succeeding as an author in the digital age. Jonny expresses the importance of understanding the specific audience that you are writing your book to, and the marketing strategies to take authors from hobby writers to professional committed authors. Andrews even offers information on how to use your book as a way to sell an online course based on your book. Download PDF Podcast Transcription

  • Fiction literary market – authors with zero supporters: don’t try for a publisher
    • Publishers focus on big name authors
    • Publishers have been having a difficult time marketing
  • Jonny interviewed 120 published authors –ones that were happy were on Amazon imprints that identify what reader want and get it in their face
  • Huge likelihood books won’t sell for new authors with publishers
  • Hybrid authors: independent and published
  • If you do want to self-publish means you are on your own
    • Science-fiction author that wanted to put his book out before executing marketing strategies
  • Hobbyists don’t need to hire a book marketing company
  • Write. Publish. Repeat. (The book!)
  • Non-fiction Discussion: you have to build an audience, at least $500 a month on advertising
  • You need to pick one person to market to, one subset of humanity – then that conversation reverberates outward to others
  • After deciding who you are specifically targeting, build your business and your message
  • Recording a training and break it up into modules and sell that as a course, you can give book away in exchange for name and email or as lead generator on Amazon
  • John Lee Dumas’s podcast “Entrepreneurs on Fire” podcast and business started by paying an expert
    • Steps: concept, audience identification, initial monetization, scaling, ads and media, podcast circuit, take a media pitch and edit it
  • Pay for the marketing service to build your business
  • Find what you can afford
  • Download PDF Podcast Transcription

3 Key Points:

  1. Authors without an audience aren’t ready for publishers.
  2. Write. Publish. Repeat. Creating at least four books a year is important for self-publishing.
  3. Going through the steps: concept, audience identification, initial monetization, scaling, ads and media, podcast circuit, take a media pitch and edit it.

Tweetable Quotes:

-“Write. Publish. Repeat. That is your new bible if you are going to be a self-published author.” – Jonny Andrews.

-“You pick a market, you find out who those people are, and you write to them.” – Jonny Andrews.

-“Four books a year, minimum. Try to even launch them.” –Jonny Andrews.

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