Vital Tricks To Hiring A Personal Assistant

Hiring an excellent personal assistant is a natural step for authors who want to take their business to the next level. As you grow your team, it is important that you develop into an effective leader yourself by working on your communication, your organization skills, and by defining KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to get those desired results. In today’s show, we will take you down the road of how to hire, how to evaluate and how to “upgrade” your people so you get the RIGHT help at the right time.

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  • At some point authors need a personal assistant who is efficient in social media, advertising, accounting and other miscellaneous day-to-day tasks
  • Nobody can grow a business without adequate staff or infrastructure
    • Critical to hire a quality editor if you wish to churn out quality content
  • As a business-owner, you need to SHIFT your mindset and learn to delegate work
    • STOP thinking that you are the best person for all jobs. 
    • It might be true but you must learn how to develop past that if you want to scale your business.
    • Jonny regrets not delegating tasks in his initial years as a business-owner; the only thing that he outsourced was graphics
  • You need the ability to weed through multitude of resumes to zero in on the RIGHT one; inevitable that you will have to mentor a new hire
  • Traits of an effective leader
    • Show your employees how things are done by answering their questions
    • Learn to communicate well, cultivate patience and organize your tasks properly
    • Learn and evolve from your mistakes
    • Know the outcomes that you want to achieve
  • Have a systematic approach while delegating tasks to your employees, such as tasks related to social media marketing
    • You can be a “plotter” or a “pantser”; a pantser is someone who “flies by the seats of their pants”
    • Jonny has evolved from a pantser to a plotter; important to have clarity when you are trying to communicate something
    • Defining KPIs will help get your requirements across
    • It is your job to train employees to be AMAZING at helping you; accept responsibility for your employees goof-ups
  • How to weed out and deal with underperforming employees
    • Dan Kennedy, the Godfather of Direct Response Marketing said, “If I wake up three days in a row thinking of you and we are not sleeping together, you have to go”
    • Look inwardly first to determine if there is anything wrong with the way you convey information
    • Provide examples to your employees to get your point across; Jing is a great tool to make instructional videos for your employees
  • Talk to your remote employees at least twice a week and mentor them on each individual client
  • Provide employees with some touch points, but allow them to function the way they want to
  • Clarity of vision and continuous communication are the key to great execution
  • Hiring:
    • Employs core team members from his ecosystem to leverage on their aptitude or knowledge
    • Avoid hiring family members
    • Hire remote employees through Upwork
      • Weed out the majority of applicants by providing them a first milestone
      • Provide a gist of the project without giving away too much
      • Look for people with good aptitude
      • Gauging your contractor through a Skype call is always a good idea

3 Key Points:

  1. As a business owner, learn to delegate your tasks—you can never grow your business if you attempt to do everything yourself.
  2. Great communication, patience and excellent organization are the traits of a great leader.
  3. When hiring a remote employee through Upwork, remember to weed out the majority of applicants by assigning them a task as a testrun.

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