The Ultimate Author Bootstrapping Method For Rapid Profitability

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Fighting for visibility in channels of influence, such as blogs or podcasts, is an incredibly effective way to connect with your target audience and attain those must-needed leads. HOW you attain this visibility and the CHANNELS you need to be aiming for is what will be discussed in today’s episode. If you are a writer of personal development books, children’s books and business books—this episode is specifically geared towards you. You will learn how to write articles that will resonate with your target audience as well as how to get invited as a guest speaker on a popular, high-traffic podcast. Tune-in to also discover the best way to implement free gifts to drive more traffic, build your list and ultimately rack up your sales. The bottom line—whatever strategy you employ from today’s podcast, make sure it benefits your target audience!

  • Today we discuss a bootstrapping strategy that can help you BLOW up your sales in a short time
    • Relevant for writers of personal development books, children’s books and business books
  • Figure out where your audience is looking for information
    • Jonny used this strategy way back in 2004 when he was setting up his first website
    • He was cold calling auto-repair shops, his target clientele, and this was considered a bottom-up approach which yielded extremely poor results
    • Fed up with rejection, he wondered how he could influence his prospects in a different way
    • Figured that most of his old-school clients were still reading newspapers; hence, started marketing via newspaper ads
  • This same strategy can be applied by authors of children’s books; try to INFLUENCE the parents by connecting with them via blogs, podcasts and social media
  • On similar lines, if you are a writer of personal development books or business books, writing an article for Forbes or Business Insider can help you connect and influence your target audience
    • If you play your cards right, media will be quite willing to provide you publicity; remember, the media needs you more than you need them
  • Becoming a guest blogger is another way to influence your audience
    • Start off by finding the articles that are pulling in the maximum amount of social traffic using one of the many tools out there
    • Completely overhaul the article, but stay true to the tone of the article
    • Find the main editor and send him an email to publish this article; remember to paste your article in the body of your email
  • Getting invited as a guest on a podcast is an effective way to connect with your audience
    • Find the popular podcasts that are major hubs of traffic
    • Craft a well thought-of message in short, punchy sentences; tell them how you can benefit them and include a “call of action”
    • Send some links of what you have done; however, be humble, polite and nice
  • Be encouraged that you will get a better response from your target audience once you have built up your credibility; this is called “guilt by association”
    • The halo effect of media channels with shine down upon you
  • At the end of the article, include a call to action which is a dot com domain; provide a FREE offer on that page
    • A free offer is a great way to build your list; leads them to the next page where they can buy your book
    • Alternatively, you can use your book to lead traffic to a higher priced digital product or physical product; remember you are losing money on your book in a bid to sell another product
  • Even sci-fi authors can implement this tactic; there are lot of places interested in sci-fi and geekery
  • You need a basket of backend products or books to be profitable; consider selling non-traditional stuff like t-shirts and mugs
    • Gearbubbles is a great site selling personalized merchandise where your profit per t-shirt can be as high as $15
  • You can even spend an entire year running with any one of the themes we have discussed today; tweak your pitch to maintain your authenticity and makes sure that you come up with something that benefits your audience
  • Feel free to email Jonny your questions

3 Key Points:

  1. Figure out WHERE your target audience is getting their information from, then, use these channels to connect with them (an effective BOOTSTRAPPING method that will blow up your sales).
  2. If you play your cards right, media will be quite willing to provide you publicity—remember, the media needs you more than you need them.
  3. Becoming a guest blogger or a guest on a podcast are key, publicity strategies that will help you build up your credibility with your target audience.