The Tools We Use To Manage & Grow Our Business

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In the 25th episode of Author Platform Rocket, we delve into exactly which tools he uses to create, operate, and execute online businesses. We share valuable insight into communication tools such as Ryver for managing projects and Hootsuite for sending and receiving social media messages across various platforms. Jonny goes into payment tools such as ClickBank for affiliate programs and Thrivecart as a solid shopping cart solution. He also shares creation tool wisdom about LearnDash, Fiver, Libsyn, and Bluehost.   Download PDF Podcast Transcription

  • Keep using tools that you are great at
  • Managing projects is key – Jonny uses premium version of Ryver
  • Shopping cart for marketers with an affiliate program: Thrivecart
  • Processing payments through Paypal – the service has improved
  • Moving into product production – engaging affiliates with ClickBank
  • ClickBank will manage referrals – don’t manage them yourself – and they may promote your products
  • AWeber is the ideal choice for an auto-responder
  • If you are just doing fiction don’t use Infusionsoft
  • All of Jonny’s sites are built on – highly secure
  • for creating landing pages
  • LearnDash helps create online courses and you get to keep buyer data
  • For social media posting Jonny’s team uses Hootsuite
  • Libsyn is the recommended podcast hosting tool
  • Bluehost could be fine for web hosting
  • Fiver is an affordable place to hire someone to configure a website
  • Facebook group with access to a Google Doc for letting users rent space on his site
  •  Download PDF Podcast Transcription

3 Key Points:

  1.  Payment tools: Thrivecart, Paypal, ClickBank
  2. Communication Tools: Ryver, AWeber,, Hootsuite, Bluehost
  3. Creation Tools: LearnDash, Libsyn, Fiver,, Bluehost

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “If you are using a tool that performs the same function, or a similar function, as one that I mention, and you are super hyper good at it…don’t go changing just because I recommend.” – Jonny Andrews.
  • “The beginning and the end of every single successful businesses is going to come down to…can you handle the projects?.” – Jonny Andrews.
  • “Keep things updated. Learn to run your sites correctly.” – Jonny Andrews.

Resources Mentioned: