The Death Of Kindle?

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In episode 31 of Author Platform Rocket, Jonny Andrews discusses: What happens when authors evolve beyond Amazon? Listen in and find out. (Hint: It’s quite shocking) Download PDF Podcast Transcription

  • Addictive nature of social media could potentially make Facebook a target like cigarette companies.
  • Facebook slashed 55 million viewing hours to reduce quantity of time spent on the platform and increase quality time spent.
  • If you are making your living off of book revenue on book publishing sites, the margins are low and you retain no buyer data.
  • You need to run ads if you want a successful business.
  • Tracking pixels placed on websites allow authors to see the results of the ads they are running.
  • Facebook has stated that there is a 00.7% correlation between a click and a sale.
  • CPC is a joke. If you believe it is bringing you sales – you just got lucky.
  • It is untrue that people won’t buy anywhere but Amazon.  (We will soon show you the data)
  • Amazon’s affiliate program only offers 5% after 60 days.
  • You could set up instant payment on commissions of books from your site for other people promoting the sales of your books.
  • If you are using pre-order techniques, there are little to no benefits being exclusive to kindle.
  • If you can’t tell which ads are working for you – you are flying blind and will be left behind.
  •  Download PDF Podcast Transcription

3 Key Points:

  1. Facebook reduced 55 million viewing hours to decrease quantity of time spent on the platform.
  2. Tracking pixels placed on your author website allows authors you to see the results of the ads that you are running.
  3. The average age of book buyers is 35-55.

Tweetable Quotes:

–    “If you were doing Facebook ads in your author business, you could see a very rapid, 45% increase in cost across the board.” – Jonny Andrews.

–    “Facebook announced that they had slashed 55 million viewing hours off of their platform.” – Jonny Andrews.

–    “You must start selling through your own website.” – Jonny Andrews.

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