Social Media Is Dead To Authors

During this 49th episode of Author Platform Rocket, host Jonny Andrews discusses the reasons why social media is a dead source for authors to get book sales. Before you get too concerned about how harsh that may sound, listen to the ways in which he recommends that you apply his capture, connect, and convert techniques to broaden and engage your readership. Download PDF Podcast Transcription

  • Everything began when Jonny received a brilliant advertorial from a marketing guru
  • It isn’t effective to hop on social media to keep saying “buy my book.”
  • Too many authors post but then don’t interact with their audience.
  • Organic traffic on most social media channels will continue to disappear.
  • Search Engine Optimization is basically a pay-to-play option at this point.
  • Social media is now “social advertising” by engaging people with interesting content.
  • Twitter is an enclosed platform where it isn’t a place for a lot of click-through ads.
  • Twitter is best used for engaging one-on-one with influencers.
  • Facebook is amazing for building an email mailing list using paid ads
  • Capture emails by giving away a free book but don’t forget to connect with them.
  • Skipping the “Connect & Convert” elements to the 3 step process makes the end sale much harder
  • To increase your sales do what other authors are not.
  •  Download PDF Podcast Transcription

3 Key Points:

  1. Make sure to reengage with the folks that comment on your posts to create conversations.
  2. Social media users want to engage with real people, not slick, professional pictures That look like they came from a business.
  3. Capture emails with free stuff, connect with these folks, and convert into a sale with video.

Tweetable Quotes:

“Social media is dead (for authors).” – Jonny Andrews.

“A lot of people are just posting out there, but then they aren’t reengaging with the folks that are doing the comments.” – Jonny Andrews.

“If you want to sell books engaged your audience.” – Jonny Andrews.

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