Instagram For Authors: Who Should & Who Should Not Become Instafamous

Instagram is an excellent marketing platform for authors to gain a following and promote their content. It gives you access to billions of users—increasing the reach of what you have to offer. However, being haphazard in your approach to this platform can work against you. Employing sound strategies and being highly committed is fundamental for the success of your Instagram marketing campaign. In today’s episode, you’ll hear why Instagram is worth your efforts, practical tips and tricks that will effectively draw an audience to you, and why it takes a commitment to see the fruits of your labor.

  • Today’s topic: how authors can use Instagram as a marketing platform
  • Instagram is a watered-down visual version of Facebook (simplified version)
  • Reasons to use Instagram as a marketing platform:
    • Billions of users
    • When used correctly, it is an highly effective marketing platform for authors
  •  Tips and tricks for authors to efficiently leverage Instagram as a marketing platform:
    • Discipline yourself to post content every single day
    • Know your audience intimately to come up with targeted, relevant content that will gain you maximum clicks and followers
    • Spending 40 minutes to an hour each day is necessary to effectively engage your target audience
  •  Can Instagram be used as a marketing tool for any written content?
    • No, you need to strategize the type of content you post on Instagram
    • For instance, posting content on personal development might work really well
      • You can post photos with quotes
    • If you are doing fiction, Instagram may not be the right fit
    • If your content can be married with visually stunning, high quality photos and videos, then Instagram will work for you as a marketing tool
  • Using social media as a marketing platform is a big commitment and often requires a dedicated team
  • Strategizing to build an Instagram following
    • Extensive research and pre-planning are non-negotiables
    • “Shoutout” to influencers in your space, and use their social presence to grow your following
    • Asking your audience is the best way to zero-in on relevant topics
      • You are not venturing into the unknown. Most of the topics are out there—you just need to discover them
  • If you are short on funds, then Instagram is a great marketing tool. If you lack commitment, then you are better off paying for advertising
  • Change the username in your profile to reflect what the audience is actually getting
    • Search engine tools like Google Keyword planner will help you zero-in on the right keywords
    • Remember that people are unlikely to check out some random social profile
    • The only way to drive people to your profile is by offering a solution. And, your username should reflect that solution
  • Tips to set-up the “About” section
    • Consider adding emojis in the “About” section
    • Post a link with a brief but catchy description that informs people about your content
  • Adding an image and posting your bio is another way people can find you
  • Check out Gary Vaynerchuk’s Instagram profile
    • Gary has built up a huge Instagram following by his active efforts over a long period of time
    • He posts shorts clips on Instagram of people asking him questions
    • Authors can learn from Gary and build a following through posting everyday content
      • Doing thematic posts around food and drinks is always a great idea
  • Wrap up:
    • Put out 3-4 posts every day
    • There is NO alternative to quality content
    • Keep on changing and mixing up your hashtags from a central pool
    • Actively engage with people to build a following
    • Reach out to an Instagram influencer
    • Commit to it for a year—do NOT give up

3 Key Points:

  1. You need to put out 3-4 posts every day for at least a year, before you start seeing results on Instagram.  
  2. Reach out to influencers within your space and leverage their social presence to build your own following
  3. Your username and “about” section should be strategically designed to drive your audience to your profile.