Help! I Desperately Need An Affordable Editor

Due to popular demand we recently launched a program aimed at helping authors revitalize books that might be suffering from poor covers and editing.  At the same time we opened up for authors with new books who might need a quality 2nd set of eyes.  The program is fully comprehensive with the sole purpose of helping create highly marketable books with stunning covers and amazing formatting.

We’ve broken the program into two (2) segments with the 1st part being a very, very affordable cover/blurb/book critique.  Once you get that back you can make a call if you want to work with us or not.  If not that’s no problem.  You have zero obligations for anything after.  Keep reading for the full scoop.

Finally: Affordable Editing, & Stunning Covers & Formatting All In One Place!

Often times authors publish books and don’t see the sales/reads/income results they are looking for.  Unfortunately this is more common than not.  One of the major reasons for this is because it’s hard to find great editors who can  help with all the elements that make a book great as well as cover designers who know what they are doing.  That’s where we come in.  As an objective eye to your work to help you get it fitting your market.

Now you can have us help you overhaul your existing book or work with you to create a new book!  Our killer editors & project managers will be right there with you, helping flesh out the story, characters, dialog and everything else.  At the end, when you’re all done, you’ll not only have an amazing work on your hands you’ll have a fully formatted book in both digital AND print along with a pro cover.

We will need to see some info and some samples before we get cooking but if you need editing you can get in!

Here’s Your Complete Program Breakdown:

  • Get professional developmental editing for story/character/plot
  • Get professional copy/line editing for spelling/punctuation/grammar
  • Get your cover in both digital AND print format
  • Get your cover in PSD as well as jpeg, png, pdf (aka all formats you could ever want or need)
  • Get your finished book formatted for all publishing platforms as well as print
    • Google Play
    • Kindle
    • iBooks
    • Kobo
    • Nook
    • Print
  • Direct access to your editor & project manager via your private thread

What We Need From You When You Join:

  • 20% of the manuscript you would like us to edit if you’re already working on it
  • OR 20% of a previous full length work or a smaller previous work as an example of your writing if you do not yet have a sample of this story
  • IF you aren’t submitting the actual manuscript you’d like us to work on, we will need some general info on what your book is about.
    • Introduction/Characters (Unless submitting your work in progress)
    • Central Conflict (Unless submitting your work in progress)
    • Climax/Showdown (Unless submitting your work in progress)
    • Fallout/Resulting situation resolution (Unless submitting your work in progress)
  • For books that end up between 50K words and 75K words (Longer works we will mark up slightly)
  • A $45 sample edit fee to start (today)
  • The entire editing program including the final PSD’s of your cover in every format you’ll need AND formatted book files will be $899*.

Want to get started and have us take a look?  Click Here >>

This first part is simply a one page critique of your blurb, cover and 20% of your manuscript.  We will get back to you in 5-10 business days (depending on submission volume) with an one page breakdown of what we think could be done to improve your work.   Don’t like it?  No problem!  You are not under any obligation to join the full program.  But if you are suffering from low sales/reads it might make sense to have an objective 3rd party look over your stuff.

If you decide to move forward we will send you the link to join and once you do we will connect you with your editor and project manager!  Ready to rock and have our pro team take a look?  Click here and let’s get going! 

*The full cost of the program is $944 and the $899 reflects the application of your sample edit fee being applied.  You’ll receive full cover/jacket along with full editing and formatting. 

And if you have any questions simply shoot us an email to:

Jonny & The ILVN/RD/RO/APR crew!