How To Sell Thousands of Books In A Day Using A Free Marketing Tactic

“The Syndicate Method” is an age-old technique that will blow your book sales through the roof. But be warned, it tends to become less effective over time if not used correctly. Tune-in to find out the RIGHT way to create a syndicate, how to effectively reap the rewards for the long term. You’ll also learn the pitfalls of this marketing strategy that can trap you or leave you with a totally dead group of subscribers.  Find out the tips and tricks you need to leverage this outstanding marketing strategy to sell more books fast.

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  • “The Syndicate Method” will increase your sales and leads faster than any other method
    • Goes beyond the world of authors
    • The top 100 authors are using this
    • Exercise caution to not abuse your subscribers
    • Cold calling is an approach that is considered “bottom up” marketing
    • “The Syndicate method” is a “top down” marketing approach
  • “The Syndicate method”, a phrase coined by Frank Kern, involves getting a bunch of people together in the same genre and cross-promoting each other via in-house newsletters
    •  It can blow up your sales instantly
    •  You can make a staggering sum of money doing nothing but this method
  • Building a syndicate:
    • Find authors in the same genre and who are at the same level as you
    • Minimum 12 and a maximum of 54 people are needed for this promotional campaign
    • All people in one group will be promoting one book at a time
    • This arrangement is called “list swaps”—in the world of internet marketing these are known as “joint venture partnerships”, or simply “The Syndicate”
    • Need to have authors with professionally edited books and great covers; if not, your campaign might be treated as spam
    • Not knowing the quality of the author or unknowingly promoting a substandard book will reflect negatively on you
  • Finding parallels between Instagram marketing and “The Syndicate method”
    • Once you have a sizeable Instagram following, you are an influencer
    • You can trade a shout out for another shout out—you do not need to pay for it
    • Ultimately, a big page grows a small page
    • An influencer might agree to promote you for money as well—this might be money well spent
    • Reach for the people who are reachable and who are at your same level
  • Jonny grew his first business through “The Syndicate Method” but then moved out of it
    • He made friends and promoted each other for mutual gain
    • Used this tactic to grow his subscriber list consisting of buyers and prospects to 240,000
    • Moved on to paid ads
    • “The Syndicate Method” is a great tool for making money when starting off; however, it’s difficult to further continue your growth as a business with this method
  • Shortfalls of “The Syndicate Method”
    • Tends to become less effective over a period of time
    • Tactic can be used only once per book
    • Using this method necessitates writing content with greater frequency
    • If someone acquires a bigger following than everyone else, he or she might push their weight around
  • “Never Split the Difference: Negotiating as if your Life Depended on It”, authored by a FBI hostage negotiator, is a book that provides various tactics that can be used in business
  • Netflix’s “House of Cards” can prepare you for the politics that can be part of “The Syndicate Method”
  • “The Syndicate Method” is most beneficial for struggling authors making less than $500 per month
  • To wrap up:
    • Use it sparingly
    • Promote good books with people whom you trust. And, be prepared to deal with the politics that go with it
    • Possible to sell thousands of units in a single day
    • Build your subscriber base via paid ads and author platforms as you grow through this method
    • Don’t abuse this system and you can eat for years; abuse this and you can eat for a minute and it will shut down

3 Key Points:

  1. “The Syndicate Method” is great way to sell thousands of units in a single day.
  2.  One of the many parallels found between Instagram marketing and The Syndicate Method is the fact that you about reaching out to people who are at the same level as you.
  3. Exercise caution while using “The Syndicate Method”—this method tends to grow less effective over time, so one should move on to paid advertising after that initial push.

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