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In this 32th episode of Author Platform Rocket, Jonny Andrews shares the results of testing out the sales of selling books on your personal website instead of focusing on places like Amazon. When many authors report their fans saying they will only buy through established retailers, what can an author hope for?  Something you may find shocking is there is a HUGE difference between what readers say and what readers do.  So can an author beat the odds and come out on top?  Check out today’s show and find out the truth in real time as we test it!  Download PDF Podcast Transcription

  • The future of publishing is authors selling on their own websites.
  • UPDATE: After running the full test we ended up earning $2.71 in pure profit for every $1 paid out to affiliates
  • Amazon, Nook, and other self-publishing book platforms don’t provide authors with buyer data.
  • If you spend money on ads and aren’t getting the results you want it is because clicks don’t equal sales.
  • Facebook is jacking up prices for Facebook ads and lowering the available space.
  • These book sales tests used to set up one sales page and to deliver books with a 75% off book deal. Good conversion rates are typically: 1-5%.
  • Book 1 Test: Conversion was 23% with 51 sales out of 415 people in 8-9 days.
  • EDIT/UPDATE: Overall total funnel conversions were 23% and the front end converted at 12%
  • One Click Upsell: sales were followed with a Thank You page that offered the entire 6-book series for 69% off; it converted at 32%.
  • We used ThriveCart to processes credit card payments.  We were able to offer ApplePay/PayPal & Stripe all at once which potentially increased conversions.
  • The cart has an affiliate program to recruit other authors to make money by helping to sell your book.
  • Gross revenue of book sales test was: $263 without lifting a finger.
  • While retargeting for $1 a day, the click through rate on two ads was 11.76% on one ad and 16.67% on the other.
  • Work with good editors and cover designers, and target your ads properly.
  • Warm traffic (or Endorsed Traffic) is when other people send traffic to your website.
  • Use free books or discounted books to upsell into more book sales.
  • Keep 95% of your money and you get paid either instantly or within four days – the 5% is just the processing fees.
  • Download PDF Podcast Transcription
Front End Conversions 12%
Upsell Conversions Between 32% – 34%

3 Key Points:

  1. There is no correlation between your cost per click and your cost per sale.
  2. Stripe processes credit card payments, provides buyer data, and takes ApplePay and PayPal payments.
  3. Work with talented editors and creative cover designers, and target your ads properly.

Tweetable Quotes:

“The vital evolution in publishing, the reason some people will survive and some people will not is that those that will survive will be selling on their own websites.” – Jonny Andrews.

“Amazon, and iBooks and Nook…don’t give you your buyer data.” – Jonny Andrews.

“You get to keep 95% of your money and you get paid either instantly or within four days.” – Jonny Andrews.

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