How To Grow Your Author Business On A Budget

Today we jump into a subject that will benefit both fiction and nonfiction authors: growing your author business on a budget. This is an enlightening topic for serious writers that are not independently wealthy, or come from rich families that can serve as a patron to an author’s artistic endeavors. We delve into the author’s necessary mindset, a realistic length of time to undergo this venture, and even the bouts of depression that can creep into an author’s psyche when penetrating the deeply saturated book market after launching. Get ready for a “tell it like it is” that will prepare you for the reality check needed to grow an author business on a strict budget. Download PDF Podcast Transcription

  • Jonny Andrews gives an overview of the discussion
  • Who wants to read this, and who is already writing about this?
  • Write. Publish. Repeat. book, Expectations: success comes around book 4, write a series of books
  • Don’t expect to get rich right away
  • Start with Facebook ads, $5 a day to give your book away in exchange for people’s email addresses
  • to split test several landing pages
  • Inflicted marketing is creating an ad and forcing the market to react to the ad (takes a huge investment to penetrate the market) Flow marketing is putting options out there and let them decide what works
  • Problem with book cover designers not giving authors the edible design source files
  • Split testing ads, audiences, and landing pages that give the book away for marketing
  • Make author friends and share
  • Stranger Things example of how you know when a connection is being made
  •  “You are going to start by sucking.”
  • You only need low-grading tracking of results
  • Focus on audience building, write more books, learn the basics of advertising
  • Don’t hire an ad agency yet
  • No exact data, even AMS ads don’t give you where the reads are coming from yet
  • $5 a day for driving traffic works initially unless you are selling back-end products
  • Don’t go charging $10 for your book, be easy to access
  • Charge accordingly – it’s an eBook not some tangible piece of art
  • Get Facebook ads optimized for leads, don’t get leads directly through Facebook because they will be too expensive
  • With a client went from 9% conversions to 40% conversions, audience discovery explained
  • Download PDF Podcast Transcription

3 Key Points:

1.Before marketing, know who wants to read your books.

2.Split testing ads, audiences, and landing pages that give the book away for marketing.

3.Focus on audience building, write more books, learn the basics of advertising.


Tweetable Quotes:

-“Hire a marketing agency before they even have their first book out. It’s not your time. Slow your role.” – Jonny Andrews.

-“Don’t go charging 10 bucks for your book.” – Jonny Andrews.

-“You have to start by sucking.” –Jonny Andrews.

–  “You don’t need to go and hire an ad agency. Please don’t. It’s absolutely like trying to shoot a fly with an elephant gun.” – Jonny Andrews.


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