How To Deal With Trolls & Negative Reviews

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In this 28th episode of Author Platform Rocket, Jonny Andrews addresses the painful side of being an author: coping with haters, negative reviews, and trolls. This discussion offers a sobering reality check that criticism, whether constructive or not, is bound to occur often where sharing your written work with the world. On the bright side, Jonny shares methods of how to take the high road and not sink to a hater’s negative level. Learn his coping mechanisms that can help you keep a positive mind state when a troll tries to derail your flow and get under your skin. Download PDF Podcast Transcription

    • Understand that no matter what you write, someone may be offended or rally against it.
    • If you focus on the problem, the negativity will eat you alive.
    • Ask solution questions.
    • Recognize that haters exist, and question if there is any truth in their criticism that you can learn from.
      • Never negatively engage your detractors – it only fuels their fire.
      • If you do engage, you want to bring the critics up to your level.
      • We are wired to focus on negativity as human beings – ignore it because it won’t last forever.
      • Shift your focus on the things that are going right.
      • If you report negative reviews that have nothing to do with the content of the book, they can potentially get removed.
      • Download PDF Podcast Transcription

3 Key Points:

      1. 1. Is there any truth in the remarks from your detractors that you can learn from?
      2. Instead of dwelling on the problem, ask solution questions to find answers.
      3. If you engage critics – bring them up to your positive level.

Tweetable Quotes:

“It almost doesn’t matter what you say, somebody is going to have a completely contrarian viewpoint on it.” – Jonny Andrews.

“You can let the fear of this reality dominate you. Or, you can just be like, yeah ok, I will deal with this when I get to it .” – Jonny Andrews.

“Never go negative. Because if you go negative, what you do is you bring yourself to their level.” – Jonny Andrews.

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