How To Be Productively Prolific With 100 Book Author Tracy Cooper-Posey

Inside this 39th episode of Author Platform Rocket, marketing veteran Jonny Andrews talks about the power of being productive and producing prolific amounts of work with author Tracy Cooper-Posey. Enjoy this interview, because Tracy is the definition of productivity, currently having over 100 titles to her name. Download PDF Podcast Transcription

  • Tracy Cooper-Posey has about 107 titles.
  • She is releasing a full-length novel every four weeks.
  • Tracy is doing the plotting of the first draft for a book every four weeks.
  • Speed through your writing so that you don’t over-edit yourself and worry more about the words than the story you are telling.
  • Tracy is more of a plotter (plotting the story out before writing) than a “pantser” (discovering the story as you go) and uses the Three Act structure.
  • She used to teach writing at the university level; now she runs a blog.
  • Amazon favors you when you publish more than every 30 days.
  • Writing a lot of romance novels allows her to service the large number of binge readers, helps them keep track of the story lines (especially with series), and having a big backlist makes it possible to give books away for promotions.
  • Over 2 million books are pouring into Amazon every year, which makes the algorithm more difficult.
  • Self-publishing on her own website gives her more control.
  • Offering books as special offers for loyal readers is one of the many benefits from selling from your own website. Download PDF Podcast Transcription

3 Key Points:

  1. Tracy Cooper Posey is releasing full-length novels every four weeks, writing them every three weeks, to get her production time to six months from first-draft to release.
  2. Your speed needs to be high enough that the internal editor in you turns off.
  3. Amazon favors you when you publish more than every 30 days and the readers love you for it.

Tweetable Quotes:

–    “The official list level (her books) if you add in all of the boxsets, which take just as much production as everything else, and the short stories…I’m at about 105.” – Tracy Cooper Posey.

–    “I spend a lot of time in the chair writing. That’s how I get them written fast. I’m writing from 6:30 in the morning until mid-day, and I’m getting between 6,000-7,000 words down a day—six days a week.” – Tracy Cooper Posey.

–    “As soon as you slow down and let the internal editor in, you are focusing on the words themselves.” – Tracy Cooper Posey.

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