How to Automatically Transform Subscribers Into Buyers

In this 36th episode of Author Platform Rocket, host Jonny Andrews offers strategies to shift the more interested and engaged subscribers to your newsletter off of that list and onto a higher engagement list, and get rid of those that have zero interest. Learn how to increase sales and turn subscribers into potential buyers. Download PDF Podcast Transcription

  • Your subscriber base is the most important part of any author or businesses’ platform, and it is also the most neglected.
  • The reason why a lot of authors are frustrated with the performance of their newsletters is because of how they have been grown—dwelling on the cost-per-lead.
  • Subscribers are seeking freebies until you convert them into readers and buyers.
  • Multi-author giveaways don’t have the focus on you the author, focus instead on just you
  • You are looking for people who click on the links to your paid books—an indication of buying intent.
  • Send about six automated ads in over the course of three weeks to your subscribers before you eliminate those that are doing nothing. Take the interested folks off this prospect list and onto a more valuable higher engagement list.
  • Sell ad space in your newsletter to authors in your genre.
  • Go to and go through the webinar for more training.
  • Download PDF Podcast Transcription

3 Key Points:

  1.  Mailing list, newsletter, and subscribers are the most important parts of your platform.
  2. You are looking for people who click on the links to your paid books—an indication of buying intent.
  3. is where you go for the webinar.

Tweetable Quotes:

“Mailing list. Newsletter. Subscribers. All of these things are literally the same thing, and that is your platform.“ – Jonny Andrews.

“Everybody who subscribes to what you are doing is a freebie seeker until you turn them into a reader and a buyer “ – Jonny Andrews.

“In the author community, a sales funnel is going to be something where you are going to have these new subscribers go through a sequence of events that warms them up, and then gets them to buy stuff. “ – Jonny Andrews.

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