How Long Does Success Take To Show Up? (Can I Make It Faster?)

In this episode we address one of the most asked questions we get – “how long does it take to experience success and how can I speed it up?”  While the very concept of “success” can vary from author to author, there is a process which can help you get clarity. Tune-in as Jonny breaks down the three steps to help you gain the traction you need to define your goals, your audience while creating an action map to get there.

Episode Highlights

  • Today’s Episode – How long does success take and how can I speed it up?
    • Of the questions asked this is a frequent one
    • Every author has a different business model which means the answer will be different
    • There is a process anyone can use to get clarity
  • 3 Steps to Speed Up Success
    • Step #1: Clearly identify your definition of success
      • Put it in monetary/financial terms
      • Go through all your bills and decide how much you’ll need on a monthly basis (your monthly “nut”)
      • See what number you’re trying to hit
      • Visualize your ideal life and compute how much it will cost (Tactic from Frank Kern)
    • Be mindful of our mood in the moment
      • How you are feeling will often dramatically color your outlook on the future
      • What can you do, right now, to shift your perception?
      • Basically the “good” story AND the “bad” story are both complete lies
      • But we can use the “good” to help push us forward a bit more
      • Use this projection tactic to help you feel better
      • Be ready for that voice in your head telling you this can’t work for you.  Shut it down.
    • Step #2: Figure out who your market is and how you want to serve them
      • Who you are includes what you are willing and capable of doing to produce income
      • Who is your audience and what do they want?
      • Use your email list to get to know your audience more
      • Eben Pagan’s customer avatar
        • Age/gender/income/marital status
        • Hopes/dreams/fears
        • What do they like/Where do they hang out
      • Facebook Business Ads to look at your own fan page’s insights
      • Look at authors in your genre—look at what they do and look at their audience
        • What are they doing to generate income?
      • If you’re not in fiction, the fastest path is by buying a product or coaching package
    • Step #3: Create your action roadmap using the 1% rule
      • Place on the map where you are and where you want to be
      • The distance is where you will fill in the blanks with your marketing plan
      • How many sales will it take for you to cover your existing monthly nut?
      • How many sales will it take for you to cover your dream?
      • The 1% Rule: 1% of your traffic will buy whatever you’re offering
      • How much traffic will it take to get there based off the 1% rule?
      • Look at your numbers over the course of a few months to get a better idea
      • Backend products help get you to your numbers much faster
  • Recap:
    • Measure your success in terms of monthly income because you can measure that
    • Based on where you are now, how much traffic will you need to get in order to hit your goal?
    • What can you offer in addition to books to boost your revenue? Do you have backend products or services?
    • Don’t be a perfectionist.  Speed is always better than perfect quality.  Always.
    • Expect that inner nagging voice to show up
    • In the next episode we will go over how to set up an effective marketing plan

3 Key Points:

  1.     The definition of success is NOT universal – it differs from person to person.
  2.     Set-up your customer avatar and identify the ways you’d like to serve them.
  3.     Know your numbers so you can set your targets accordingly.

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