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Master Amazon Ads With The Master: Brian Meeks (AMS Marketing Series Part II)

Today, Brian Meeks, THE AMS expert, provides some great tips on what to do and what NOT to do while marketing your books via Amazon ads. He shares about the MOST common mistakes authors make and how to turn them around. As the author of Mastering Amazon Ads: An Author’s Guide, listeners get firsthand advice

Effective Author SEO & Discounts On Discovery Sites With Vinny O’Hare

Today, Vinny from Awesome Gang shares some great SEO tips and tricks to optimize your website. Vinny shares his own experience building discovery sites and outlines everything he’s learned about SEO and building a site along the way. A big proponent of affiliate marketing, Vinny also gives listeners the ins and outs of affiliate links

Vital Tricks To Hiring A Personal Assistant

Hiring an excellent personal assistant is a natural step for authors who want to take their business to the next level. As you grow your team, it is important that you develop into an effective leader yourself by working on your communication, your organization skills, and by defining KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to get those

The Ultimate Author Bootstrapping Method For Rapid Profitability

Click The Green Arrow To Play Fighting for visibility in channels of influence, such as blogs or podcasts, is an incredibly effective way to connect with your target audience and attain those must-needed leads. HOW you attain this visibility and the CHANNELS you need to be aiming for is what will be discussed in today’s

How To Boost Your Book Sales: Steps To Identifying & Fixing Broken Marketing

For most authors, getting ads to become profitable is a lot like trying to solve a rubix cube with their feet, in a dark room, blindfolded while having a pack of rabid howler monkeys unload machine guns next to their ears. And we totally get it! There’s TONS of math, confusing data reports and it’s

Building Your Newsletter: Why It’s Just As Important As Your Books

Having a high quality subscriber base (aka newsletter) is the best way to grow your book sales. NOTHING beats hitting send and seeing sales blow up.  But what if you hit send and nothing happens?  Often times that means you might be doing something wrong.  Past that, getting people to subscribe to that newsletter can

How To Sell Thousands of Books In A Day Using A Free Marketing Tactic

“The Syndicate Method” is an age-old technique that will blow your book sales through the roof. But be warned, it tends to become less effective over time if not used correctly. Tune-in to find out the RIGHT way to create a syndicate, how to effectively reap the rewards for the long term. You’ll also learn

How Authors Make Money With Amazon Ads – An Interview With Our In House Expert

Click the Green Arrow To Play >> Using the in house Amazon ad platform can really pay off.  That is IF you select the right ad style, the appropriate keywords, prepare short, punchy copy and have a suitable ad budget. In today’s episode, we bring in Brenda Trim, APR’s very own in house project manager

Instagram For Authors: Who Should & Who Should Not Become Instafamous

Instagram is an excellent marketing platform for authors to gain a following and promote their content. It gives you access to billions of users—increasing the reach of what you have to offer. However, being haphazard in your approach to this platform can work against you. Employing sound strategies and being highly committed is fundamental for