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The Tools We Use To Manage & Grow Our Business

Click Here To Get On Track With Your Ecosystem Profit Audit In the 25th episode of Author Platform Rocket, we delve into exactly which tools he uses to create, operate, and execute online businesses. We share valuable insight into communication tools such as Ryver for managing projects and Hootsuite for sending and receiving social media

How Seeking Perfection Can Murder Your Career

Click Here To Get On Track With Your Ecosystem Profit Audit In today’s episode of Author Platform Rocket, we speak about the problem with perfectionism, and how it leads to procrastination, stagnation, and being a blockage to generating income from publishing. Several examples are given of why making a book perfect gets in the way

How To Train Your Brain For Massive Success As An Author

Click Here To Get On Track With Your Ecosystem Profit Audit Today we share the importance of authors and entrepreneurs to stay healthy and take care of themselves. Even though we are generally advised to hustle and grind the hardest and move forward with non-stop tunnel vision, you will hear valuable reasons why this can lead

What Stage Are You With Your Business (Nonfiction Edition)

Click Here To Get On Track With Your Ecosystem Profit Audit During episode 22, we speak on how to expand your how-to nonfiction book business and implement a solid infrastructure to sell the books or backend products and services like coaching, consulting, physical products or classes. We address the authors that may jump too soon

How To Grow Your Author Business On A Budget

Today we jump into a subject that will benefit both fiction and nonfiction authors: growing your author business on a budget. This is an enlightening topic for serious writers that are not independently wealthy, or come from rich families that can serve as a patron to an author’s artistic endeavors. We delve into the author’s

What To Need To Know BEFORE You Publish

During this episode of Author Platform Rocket, Jonny Andrews discussions the crucial steps that need to be taken prior to publishing or self-publishing a book in both the fiction and non-fiction arenas. Jonny provides the cold and honest truths that many first-time authors may feel afraid to hear – but should take heed to in

FaceBook Live for Authors: How To Even If You’re An Introvert

Today, we talk about the benefits of  Facebook Live for marketing your books. Though it may feel awkward to engage candidly with your audience, a live video results in a much greater chance of engagement with your readers. And to sell your books, you NEED that connection. Tune-in to learn tips and tricks to make

How To Build Your Review Team

Today, we talk about page conversion optimizers which increase the likelihood of getting better sales, particularly in regards to book reviews. Craig, from Hiddengems, provides some great insights on this topic as Hiddengems sole purpose is to help you attain those coveted reviews. Craig breaks down three approaches you can employ to attain reviews and

How To Have Your Audience Build Your Backend For You

Today, we discuss the importance of sending across the right message to your target audience. It is of the utmost importance to be specific about whom you are targeting. Online advertising has made micro-targeting possible. You learn the value of testing your ads on platforms such as Facebook Ads in order to determine whether your

Media Buying For Authors: How To Do It And What To Avoid

Today, we discuss a platform development technique called “media buying”, meaning buying traffic to help grow your audience.  This technique allows you to leverage the traffic of powerful influencers in similar spaces to help you grow your own following. While implementing this strategy, it is critical that you test your creative using advertising and analysis