3 Steps To Winning The Author Game EVERY TIME

Many authors struggle to stand out in a highly saturated market. The largest issue is that it’s not just about taking action, it’s about knowing the right actions to take in order to get you to that next level as an author. There is a TON of bad information floating around, clouding the issue and it can often take years to figure out how to cut through.  Listen as Jonny explains the 3 steps to getting you on the right path and and why luck, while appearing super sexy at first, can actually be the “kiss of death”.

Episode Highlights

  • Most authors struggle with standing out from the crowd
  • The combination of the right mindset and the right daily actions is what will make you WIN
    • Busy is NOT the same as being EFFECTIVE
  • 1st Step: Focus on what you can control
    • Learn to love and expect the 99-1 Rule
    • You’re not going to see results right away
    • Be consistent and persistent
  • 3 basic things that will happen when you start
    • You’ll learn what you need to learn (if you’re paying attention)
    • You build up your name and credit
    • The universe will test your commitment (be ready)
  • Expect this will take more time and will be a lot harder than what you initially thought
    • Most authors have to work because not all are lucky or make a fast break
    • Luck can be the “kiss of death” for authors
    • Fortune favors the prepared
    • Focus on the daily actions that you can control
  • 2nd Step: Your writing and marketing rituals
    • Have a marketing and/or writing ritual that you will commit to doing every day
    • Examine your business – Do you have a list-building ritual?
    • Don’t wait for inspiration to come to you
  • 3rd Step: Track your actions and hold yourself accountable
    • Set goals for yourself and track your progress
    • Little daily rituals should be easy-to-complete steps
    • Small actions compound into bigger results
  • Break your goals up into smaller steps
    • Don’t get discouraged over initial failures
    • Get the busy work OUT and over with
    • Make a daily checklist for yourself
    • Give yourself a sense of urgency
    • Your success as an author will NOT come out of thin air

3 Key Points:

  • It takes time to gain traction – don’t expect your first attempt to be an outright success.
  • Focus on the factors you CAN control, not the ones you can’t.
  • Be accountable to yourself – set daily goals and track your progress.