Month: June 2018

Do The Marketing! With Bestselling Author Victoria Dannan

In this 41th episode of Author Platform Rocket, host Jonny Andrews interviews author Victoria Danann, who is also the co-host of the Romance Between the Pages Podcast. They discuss how she became an author, and the tactics that she has used to market and promote her books. Download PDF Podcast Transcription Three years ago Victoria went

Effective Priorities & The Power Of Community With Award Winning Author Megan Haskell

Inside this 40th episode of Author Platform Rocket, marketing veteran Jonny Andrews talks with writer Megan Haskell, the award-winning author of the The Sanyare Chronicles dark fantasy book series, and the co-author of Aspiring to Author: A Guide for Your Publishing Career. The focus of this interview is essentially, how to balance your life as

How To Be Productively Prolific With 100 Book Author Tracy Cooper-Posey

Inside this 39th episode of Author Platform Rocket, marketing veteran Jonny Andrews talks about the power of being productive and producing prolific amounts of work with author Tracy Cooper-Posey. Enjoy this interview, because Tracy is the definition of productivity, currently having over 100 titles to her name. Download PDF Podcast Transcription Tracy Cooper-Posey has about 107

Transforming Your Mindset – The Golden Angel Success Interview

During this 38th episode of Author Platform Rocket, marketing veteran Jonny Andrews discussions how you can intensify the success of you book business by incorporating mentors into your journey. For this special installment, Jonny has a guest known as Golden Angel who is a fairly prolific indie romance author with 37 novels. Golden Angel expresses

Happy GDPR Day! Here Are Some Useful Tools

During this 37th episode of Author Platform Rocket, Jonny Andrews discussions the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and how regulations effect how entrepreneurs should pivot and shift in their practices. Learn about Truth in Lending and the importance of private policies. Download PDF Podcast Transcription  Around 2009-2010 there was a shake up by the Federal Trade